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Starting concept of Flipp.no that won the nomination: The Best Innovation. in Egmont 2015.

Banner Ads

Web banner ads that I have made through out Egmont Publishing and Schjærven

Typography: Art Deco Dark Knight Origins

Inspired by the city of Gotham and the story behind the Dark Knight (Batman).

Packaging: Wave

Magazine Cover Concept

DMs & Roll-up Banners

A shaving razor set inspired by the surfter they call Occy. With the touch of Australia.

A mens magazine that reflects the understimated style of city people.

Direct Marketing and roll up banners I made for Schjærven and Egmont

A couple of Logos I have made

Drawings I have done through Illustrator and Photoshop

Here is a display of some of my Photo Art.


A couple of photos I have taken with my Nikon D300s and retouched.

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    You can see some of my work I have done as a designer and a photographer. Enjoy

    Dennis L. Cutamora

    Graphic designer & Photo Enthusiast