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Monkey Dee

I go by the alias Monkey Dee as the creative soul that defines me. I see my self metaphorically as a monkey lurking in the jungle of creativity. The creature is wise, curious and adapts, while the forest is full of possibilities. Together trough passion, and curiosity, your bound to be creative.


This is me, Monkey Dee.


My name is Dennis L. Cutamora. I'm a graphic designer, artist & a photo enthusiast. I am dedicated to improve my skills to reach higher ground. There are always room for improvement and thats why I seek challenge. I have been greeted with satisfied replies with my work, but I want more depth and understanding so that I can truly see what I am capable of. That is why I won't stop trying to improve.


Experience &



School & Work.

I have studied advertisement, multimedia design & ended up choosing the subject I was most passionate about: Graphic Design in NKF (Norway's Creative College, now known as Kristiania University College). My knowledge is built  through a curious & creative mind, by studying at school and self-study. I've also had my share of job experience making logos, photography and digital banners for Egmont Publishing and Schjærven commercial agency.

Software & knowledge

• Photoshop

• Illustrator

• Indesign

• Muse (basic)

• Dreamweaver (basic)

• Flash (basic)

• Animate (basic)


• Basic Html/CSS

• Mac & Windows



I am an old streetball player that ended up breakdancing afterwards, That comes with loving the urban arts, and R&B and hip hop music. As creative you get to be with b-ball and dancing, I end up loving to draw, taking photos and photo retouching/editing, That makes it obvious that I am a proud nerd that loves manga comics, gadgets, sneakers and playing video games.. obvious.. kinda...

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    You can see some of my work I have done as a designer and a photographer. Enjoy

    Dennis L. Cutamora

    Graphic designer & Photo Enthusiast